Saturday, 20 March 2010

Blog Silence

Hello lovely peeps,

Apologies for the blog silence - I've been really ill all week and then yesterday, my one night in where I had plans for many a blog post, my computer picked up a really nasty virus and we're still trying to fix it :(

Hence I'm writing this post from The Husband's computer (which is old and quite slow) and I have none of my pictures nor do I have the capacity to upload any :(

Anyway, I'm sure normal service will resume shortly, but I just wanted to say sorry for the quietness!

Also - Caz and Lillian - your packages will be sent out at the start of next week ... flu has been keeping me housebound!


  1. Aww hope you're feeling better now beaut :) XO

  2. Aww! I hate computer viruses >:/

  3. Aww i hope you and your computer are entirely better soon!

  4. Michelle - I'm feeling SO much better thank you :)

    Y - It was a really evil virus as well ... took us sooooo long to get rid of it :(

    Lillian - I think we're both better *fingers crossed* xx


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