Monday, 8 March 2010

(Not so recent) Fyrinnae Haul

I think it's about a gazillion years since I got this haul, but it came when my camera wasn't sans XD card! However, my XD card finaly arrived (and I almost sobbed with joy), so now I can share my Fyrinnae prettiness with you all. All pictures were taken in natural daylight and all swatches were dry and unprimed (It was a bit of a hellish swatching day ... everytime I used Pixie Epoxy the pictures came out weird, but I might end up adding some Epoxied swatches later on)

(L-R Row 1 Nonsense!, Delvian, Beholder, Fall from Grace
Row 2 Treacle Well, Ravens & Writing Desks, Rapunzel had Extensions, Banana Mochi, Chaotic Evil*
Row 3 Android Angel, Looking Glass, +20 Beautification, Curiouser and Curiouser, Adam and Steve's)

(If you click on the hand pictures, you'll get taken to a massive version of my hand but you'll also see the colours slightly better)
I think my favourites from this haul are Curiouser and Curiouser (such a gorgeous blue!) and Banana Mochi, but they're all lovely!

Have you ever tried Fyrinnae? If you have, what did you most recent haul from them include?

*Chaotic Evil was sent as a free sample with my order, all other shadows were paid for with my own pennies :D


  1. Oh so pretty, i need more of their shadows! So many more.

  2. Delvian is gorgeous.
    This is colour heaven to me!
    I adore bright colours!

  3. Lillian - Yeah you do. I'm not even going to try and stop you :P

    Lauren - I like Delvian but I prefer Shinigami (there's a swatch of it in my last Fyrinnae post) - it's like delvian but with even more sparkle and colour shifting!!! Yum. Also, If you adore bright colours you neeeed some Fyrinnae if you don't already have anything by them. Gorgeous stuff!

    Y - Aren't they?! Fyrinnae never fail to deliver!


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