Friday, 26 March 2010

Mineral Foundation - What do you use?

Hello Lovelies!

So, you might remember that in my Top 5 post a couple of days ago, I mentioned that I was really enjoying the bareMinerals sample that I got etc etc. Anyway, I went to the bareMinerals counter the other day to consider giving it a go. Whenever I've used it, it's given me great coverage and felt really nice and natural. The woman on the counter showed me just Get Started Kit:
which contains:

  • 2 X Foundation Shades

  • Mineral Veil or Tinted Mineral Veil

  • Warmth

  • Full Flawless Face Brush

  • Flawless Application Face Brush

  • Maximum Coverage Concealer Brush or Light Stroke Brush

  • Bisque Multi-Tasking Concealer

  • Get Started DVD

  • I didn't buy it for a couple of reasons, and I was just wondering if any other bloggers own this kit or any other bareMinerals and what they think of it?

    Also, if you don't use bareMinerals but do use Mineral foundation - what do you use/where's it from and why do you use it?

    Many thanks in advance lovelies - I look forward to reading your comment on this one!


    1. I couldn't wear bare minerals :( My skin is very sensitive and bismuth oxycloride made my skin break out. I can't use silica either.

      My favorites are:
      -Meow Flawless feline
      -Sassy Minerals
      -Lauress Elemental
      -Alima satin matte

      Cheap and excellent products :D

    2. I use Everyday Minerals alot, have a huge stash. Also have some The Conservatorie mineral foundation which is too dark and yellow for me. I just mix it with EDM's Fair to get it lighter.
      I use mineral foundation cause they do not sell fair enough foundations in our shops here. Bare Minerals would probably be out of my price range, I have specialized in cheap stuff.

    3. I used to use Everyday Minerals, but now I use Aromaleigh's Glissade because the color match is better for me.

      I've heard good things about the companies that Nea mentioned, too.

    4. I've tried nada yet, but cuz I'm broke and will be until I die, I'm going to give Meow Cosmetics a shot. They have plenty shades and samples are just $1 and the full size jar is apparently massive and goes a long way. Plus right now they've got a spring sale going on and you could either save 20% or free shipping. But I have to remember to actually place my order before the 28th :s

    5. I have tried numerous different mineral foundations and powders and have yet to find one that gives me the full coverage that I want. The closest I have found to a an even, full coverage powder (not powder foundation) is by Physician's Formula.

    6. My HG foundation is Meow Cosmetics - Pampered Puss Formula - in either Inquisitive Sphynx or Inquisitive Siamese.
      I also really like:
      Aromaleigh Glissade in 1CL + Alabaster
      Dreamworld Storm in Devi
      Stardust Mattifying foundation in Pale Neutral

    7. Thank you ladies for all your suggestions!

      Nea - I was having a look at the Alima stuff the other day, think I might give it a go (Meow sounds good but the p&p is a bit expensive) I think it must have been the Bismuth that made me so itchy :(

      Siilike - love that you specialise in the cheaper stuff!

      Melissa - The aromaleigh stuff sounds nice and I like that they have a chart to match you to the Bare Minerals stuff too :)

      KittenMittens - everywhere seems to have a sale on at the moment - I'm going to be so poor! You should treat yourself :D

      Brookie - see the thing about Bare Minerals is that the coverage it gives does seem to be really good. I don't think we have Physician's Formula over here but I might try and hunt it out.

      Phyrra - I look at you as the goddess of mineral make up so I did a little squee when I saw you'd commented on this *blushes* I think I might have to bite and p&p bullet and give Meow a try - people seem to really love them. Will check out some of the other too - thank you x

    8. I'm a MAC girl for the minerals. I never bothered with Bare Minerals because the SAs always just ignored me, no matter how nicely I was dressed or how obviously a makeup fan I was!

      I use the MAC pressed powder, it gives that amazing, ultra-fine pearly look without being either too matte or too shimmery. It also lasts well on my oil-slick skin, which is a bonus! My only issue with it is that it's a slightly pink base, and I'm more yellow-toned, but unless I really layer it up, there's no way of telling. I use the lightest shade.

      I liked Urabn Decay's - lasts well and looks good - but it has a funny chemical smell and even the lightest shade is a shade too dark for me.

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    10. For a while now I have been using Collection 2000 Perfecting Minerals powder, I think it's absolutely brilliant, especially for under a fiver. It blends really well and I usually just wear it without foundation underneath :) definately worth a go.

    11. you're so sweet and incredibly gorgeous!
      love every one products. thank you for this blog........

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