Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Hair Straighteners

So I had my hair cut yesterday, and my lovely hairdresser used GHDs to do pretty things (hairdressers always get excited by my hair and always end up asking me if they can do something fun with it at the end ... it adds on an extra 45 minutes but costs me nothing so I say yes). Having GHDs used on my hair made me remember how utterly rubbish the straighteners I own (but rarely use) are.

I can't really afford any but I was just wondering what straighteners you ladies use, and if you think that there's anything that can beat the might GHDs?

Interestingly, my hairdressers were sent Cloud Nine straighteners but didn't really rate them against GHDs - I know that a lot of you ladies have been sent them to try, what did you think?


  1. I've never owned GHDs but I was impressed with the temperature control element of Cloud nine's as I don't need much heat and I can adjust it to 100 degrees rather than constantly use 200 degrees on my hair. I found them easy to use and it didn't long for me to straighten my hair. Hope that helps x

  2. I can't live without GHD's. I've tried a few others over the years but nothing works like they do. :(

  3. i love GHD !! hehe i tried babyliss, but GHD is better :D

  4. The ones I got in November were reamington sleek and curl, I love them... I'll bring them to Keswick for you to play with ;) xxx

  5. Anonymous would you be Sarah by any chance ;) - I'm not sure if we're coming to Keswick this year ! Peter only has a bit of holiday allowance, and we're doing New Wine (I'm on team), so if we go to Keswick we can't have any other holiday :/

    In other news, GHDs seem to be winning quite massively based on conversations I've had. I like the idea of Cloud Nine as in all honesty, the whole GHD thing does annoy me, and I find they leave your hair looking a bit flat, but I don't think I've heard enough good stuff to convince me they're worth it if you get what I mean!


Your comments and thoughts are really appreciated :) Thank you for taking the time to chat xx