Monday, 15 March 2010

Danger, danger, High Voltage!

Well ok, the only real danger with this company is that you'll end up spending pennies, but I just can't help but sing that song whenever I think about High Voltage Cosmetics! :D

I'd read bits and bobs about this brand recently so I decided to pop in an oder for some eyeshadow samples.I paid $17.00 (including speedy shipping to the UK) for my order of 20 samples, which arrived in under 2 weeks. I can't find anything that says what size the samples are, but from looking I'd say 1/4 tsp. All samples are clearly labelled with a printed High Voltage Cosmetics sticker and come in clear plastic baggies. I was also sent 3 extra samples, although I'm not sure which these were as I can't actually remember which 20 I originally ordered!

Anyway, here's some swatches for you to puruse at your lesiure.

I found these really easy to swatch actually (except for Yes, Mistress! which just looks like a dull matte black on my arm.... I kept adding more to see if I could see the purpleyness of it, hence why the swatch is such a mess!) - the texture is very smooth and velvety and they are very richly pigmented.

One teeny tiny complaint I have is that a couple of the colours weren't quite fully blended (Leather and Lace seems to have seperated so there's massive chunks of orange smeered up the bag and then a layer of black glittery stuff at the top, Totally Rad! Had massive chunks of bright blue and yellow in it and Is This Love? has a few really bright orange bits that aren't quite blended in). Like I say though, that's only a small thing and doesn't seem to have affected the general colour of quality (I smooshed the bags a bit and that seems to help!)

I will definiately be buying from High Voltage again - speedy delivery, god quality products and a great range of colours! Huzzah! You can get your own lovely High Voltage goodies here!

Oh, I almost forgot, here's the actual samples themselves:


  1. I really want to try high voltage, especially the lip glosses they do. You're tempting me, naughty thing!

  2. I love Hi voltage too.
    I have the full size of 1979, talk talk and paradise city.^^

  3. Lillian - mwahahaaaa, I am a bad bad naughty enabler of cosmetics! You should try them - cheap and lovely!

    Yann - those colours look lovely! I think I'll definitely be buying more :D

  4. great post! i love the Pixie dust colour! Going to go check them out now :)

  5. Sarbeauty - buy buy buy!! Pizie Dust is a really pretty colour in real life - one of my favourites :D


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