Thursday, 21 April 2011

Goodbye old friends, hellllo new!

Hello lovelies!

Today is a wonderful, wonderful day - I've got some new friends in my life, but it means I have to say goodbye to some old ones.

What on earth am I talking about?! Running shoes of course! Meet my old friends:

These are the only pair of trainers I've ever owned. I think I got them when I was about 14 and needed some trainers for school or something. They were about £12 from our village shoe shop. They've not been bad, and I wore them through my 10k training last year and for my 10k race last year but since starting training this year I can tell that they're getting old and I've been getting a bit of shin and knee pain which I reckoned was down to a lack of support.

Hence I trudged off to my local running store Up and Running in York and had my gait analysed on a treadmill with a snazzy video thingy. I'm a mild overpronator and I have a fairly heavy heel strike. I definitely, definitely recommend going to a proper running store to get fitted for shoes - you might have a vague idea what your running style is, but I'd much rather get an expert opinion! Also, if you're lucky and your store is run by running legends like mine is, they'll probably give you some training advice too!

I ummed and ahhhd about whether to get them in the store or online but seeing as I'd completely forgotten which shoes they were anyway, I decided to go back to the store itself because, if I'm honest, it was love at first sight with those shoes :) *Queue a gazillion pictures*

How pretty are those inners?! Decorated with the Breast Cancer Ribbon because of the work New Balance does with Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Funky laces!

Ahhhh, aren't they just beautiful? If you're wondering, they're the New Balance 760 which is technically last season so a little harder to find (this season's replacement is the 860 if you're wondering :) )

Now all that's left to do is actually run in them and I have to say I can't wait! It's taking all my willpower not to just head out there right now on a full stomach!

What shoes do you run in?


  1. Wow they are so funky! My brother's best friend works for New Balance and he is always getting trainers for free! Wish he could send some my way haha x

  2. We'll want to see a follow-up picture in a month's time, just to prove that they have some wear and tear!

  3. i actually need a new pair of running trainers. Good luck with all the training x

  4. I haven't worn trainers since PE, but those do look fab! I've been thinking of taking running up but there aren't really any decent places around here to run :/ I'd be stopping and starting every few minutes to cross roads!

  5. I quite like New Balance because I read their production isn't quite as exploitative and crap as Nike's :) I've got an old pair of New Balance shoes myself but mine are totally ungirly, white with blue and yellow :)

  6. Nic - Ahhh that's a shame - couldn't he pretend to have girly small feet for a week? And yup - they're pretty much the funkiest thing I own!

    Tim - but of course! They've already had their first outing and if that was anything to go by, I think I'm going to be running a heck of a lot more! It was awesome :D

    Lola - I definitely recommend going to a proper running shop to get fitted - it makes all the difference!

    Lily - I was so happy when he bought them out! They go perfectly with my neon pink running top and bright pink running socks. Is there not a (safish) canal path that you can use? :(

    Ilwen - yeah that's one of the things that I liked about them too! Mine are made in the UK which means they're probably not too exploitative in their production. Haha, I never expected to have such an obsession with pink but it does very much seem to be the theme of all my running gear!


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