Thursday, 7 April 2011

Save me from the depths of fashion disaster

Hello lovelies!

Today I'm putting out a plea for help.... you see the thing is, I hate my wardrobe. Not the physical wardrobe itself, but the things inside it. Most of the clothes I own are hand-me-downs from an old housemate of mine, which was fine when I was at uni but now a)the clothes are getting pretty old and well over 50% of my clothes have holes in them, b)my housemate no longer lives in York and her wonderfully generous bags of old clothes don't exist in my life anymore and c)I just feel utterly miserable in most of the clothes that I wear. It's got to the point where I avoid certain social situations (i.e. meeting new people) because I feel so embarrassed about my clothes and have literally zero confidence

So surely the solution for this would be to go shopping! However, there's a catch.... I can't abide clothes shopping. I really do detest it! Partially because I just don't understand what suits me and partially because I just find it dull.

So I'd like to make a cheeky request and ask you to put together some ideas for a new wardrobe for me - I'll share all of your ideas in a future blog post and I'll be sure to let you know what I end up buying (trust me, I'll end up buying something - I can't carry on in this sorry state of affairs!)

So a little more about me to help you help me be less of a fashion disaster:
♥ I'm 5'7
♥ I'm most definitely an hourglass
♥ I'm a winter (strong, bold vivid colours - no beige or pastels)
♥ I love stripes and floral prints but hate bizzare 80s things and Paisley
♥ I need clothes that I can wear on a day to day basis in school but also that I can wear in my free time - my school attire can be fairly casual so there tends to be a big crossover between the two!
♥ I love wide legged trousers

Any advice you can give me would be awesome ♥


  1. Wide legged blue jeans with nautical striped tops in red and blue! I think you could totally pull off that style- a bit French, a bit quirky, laid back.

    Prom-style dresses for the summer- 50s reference in the shape will emphasise your hourglass shape. And there's all sorts of pretty prints and stuff. Tescos has some nice ones in.

    Hope this helps you with some ideas :)

  2. OK, here we go! (in navy)

    Et voila!!

    ETA I am billygean - trying out a new beauty blog too!

  3. I can see you in several things from here (please ignore the pastels).

    The clothes are pretty, colourful with hippy-ish vibe. Lots of items would be great for school as well. Love the Heart Of Mine skirt or Trinket trousers for you.

    Also they have a sale on at the moment! xx

  4. Ok, here's what I came up with. With an hourglass shape, you want to accentuate the waist as much as you can. Everything doesn't have to be tight or belted, but make sure if you've got a button up shirt that it nips in at the waist to help define it. I've also always felt like longer necklaces slim the body line, along with heels. They don't have to be big, even a 1 inch heel will do it!

    Jersey material dresses are very in right now and they're great for converting from day to night! They're comfortable and breathable, and also wrinkle-free so you can toss it into a bag to change easily.

    Something like this would suit your figure, and you can wear tights, a cardi with it... whatever you want to accessorize:[257491%7C208523]&noOfRefinements=1

    One of my favorite stores over there is H&M (we have them here too), I feel like they cover a good range of styles.
    Something like this skirt would be really versatile: You can belt it and wear it with different tops, etc.

    Ok so my polyvore outfit ideas. I can't get all UK companies filtered on there so hopefully the style of the clothing will help!
    This is a bit on the fancy side, but you can dress it down by adding more casual shoes; flats or sandals.
    Tunic tops are great for summer -- with your shape you've got to watch the length and how voluminous they can get at the waist. But the trousers will be fab on you, and the blue flats are a nice pop of color while still being professional.
    This was one I made for myself, but we have the same body shape so it would work for you. I'd tuck the top in on this... but silky like patterns are good for being comfortable but still professional. And of course, red shoes for a pop of color!

    Ignore the colors on this, I mostly wanted you to see the shapes. I think this outfit is perfect for what you want, you've got a coat for if the weather becomes bad, the coat also dresses it up a little. The tights keep your legs covered so it's professional and the flats are comfortable!

    Again, ignore the colors... but focus on each item. I prefer to buy fun patterned heels or wedges, or whatever, because shoes always fit... clothes are a pain to find, lol!
    You could actually do the yellow and purple together, but you'd need different shoes :)

    Hope that helps!


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