Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Recipe: Saag Paneer

Hello lovelies! As promised, here's how to turn your leftover Bolognese into a delicious Saag Paneer.

First off, pop a 1/4 inch of fresh ginger in your food processor with just under 1/2 cup of (soya) milk.

Now, loosely fill your food processor with yet more spinach (anyone getting a sense of deja vu?!) Pop the lid on and blend for around 2 minutes (sorry, I forgot to take a picture!)

Now, chop up half a block of paneer (or extra firm tofu if you're vegan) into cubes and fry in a little oil with a sprinkle of mustard seeds, cumin seeds, black pepper, a bit of grated ginger, some cayenne pepper (vary according to how spicy you like your curry), a pinch of za'tar (optional), a quick grind of sea salt and around 1/2 tsp of garam masala until slightly browned.

Now you can add your leftover sauce and your new milky spinach mixture - don't be alarmed if it looks a little watery - you're going to simmer it uncovered for 10 minutes whilst you cook your rice! Make sure you stir it every so often as those lentils love to stick!

Finally, add three drops of lemon juice and then dish up and eat straight away with some good quality mango chutney on the side! Not the prettiest of dishes but it sure is tasty!

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  1. What if I don't have any left over bolognese sauce? I've got everything else (but no za'tar which I've never heard of) and I'm a feeling a bit peckish. It does sound up my street I shall be having a look on your site later.


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