Tuesday, 26 April 2011

What have I done?!

Hello lovelies!

That's the question I am very firmly asking myself today... What have I done to myself? I seem to have become a full on, hardcore running lover. The evidence:

1. I ran on holiday

Not only that, but I did hill training, a bit of trail running and runs in blazing hot sun and terrifying wind on holiday. Hard. Core.

2. I very almost advised someone on running shoes in Sports Direct today.

And now I'm kicking myself that I didn't as I'm almost certain the shoes he bought weren't right for him. 

3. I get excited about things like protein powder, sports drink tablet samples and running socks.

I got a sample of High 5 zero tablets with my Women's Running magazine this month and I've quite enjoyed them, especially whilst the weather has been so warm as a way of making sure I'm properly hydrated. I also picked up some Naturya Hemp Protein Powder from Holland and Barrett today so I'll be bringing you a cheeky review of that soon I'm sure :)

4. I set obscene goals for myself and do things without thinking....

Like today.... when I entered the ballot for the Virgin London Marathon 2012. I won't find out until October if I have a place or not, but still... What on earth have I done?! :D

Do you ever find that your obsessions make you do crazy things?

What made you realise that you were truly in love with running?

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