Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Hello lovelies - just a quick post for you today (I'm actually on holiday and should probably be doing something more holiday esq than blogging but never mind). This week, as it's a holiday, I've been able to indulge in some of my obsessions... the foody treats that keen this little wheat free veggie ticking along in a house full of meat eaters :) The first two are obvious....

Whole Earth Smooth Original Peanut Butter.... yum yum! This is my favourite peanut butter ever! It's super natural (Roasted Peanuts (96%), a little sustainably sourced Palm Oil and a smidge of Sea Salt, making it a little thicker and stiffer than your regular peanut butter but truly scrumptious! I'll happily eat it off the spoon, but this week I've mainly been eating it spread on Corn Cakes (like a rice cake but made with corn instead therefore muuuuch tastier!) with some choppped banana and a drizzle of this....

See how empty that is? We bought this about a week ago. I adore agave syrup! I used to be a golden syrup (naughty) or honey girl all the way, but since discovering this delicious Agave (mine is a lovely organic one by The Groovy Food Company) I find the others far too sweet. This has a beautiful smooth sweetness that works amazingly with all sorts of things. Along with my afore mentioned peanut-banana-corncake snack, I love this drizzled on greek yoghurt and banana! Yum!

The last foody obsession is something very special indeed. We rarely buy this at home because if we did, I'd probably be obese. I will eat this by the spoonful and demolish a tub of it in less than half an hour if I'm left to my own devices...

Yarden Israeli Houmous Extra aka The Most Addicitive Houmous in the World. It's the most smooth, creamy, wonderful houmous I've ever experienced. It doesn't really taste like houmous... well not what you'd normally find in your average supermarket. It's on another level entirly. It's completely smooth - almost like a really cream peanut butter and doesn't have any of the grittiness or sharpness or overly garlicyness of regular houmous. AND it has extra pine nut in the middle of it resting in a bed of gorgeous rich olive oil then at the bottom you have some whole chickpeas waiting for you. It is divine.

If you haven't tried it (and you live in the UK) head to Sainsbury's now, find the houmous aisle, locate this, wince a little at the £1.99 price tag but then just buy it. Even if you think you don't like houmous, I suggest you go buy it and give it a try. If you can have wheat, I recommend this spread really thickly on a soft white roll. If you can't, just have it on anything else you can find (I've got some lovely brown Genius bread to have mine on). Make sure you have a friend nearby to take the pot away from you at a pre-allotted time because I promise you, you will not stop.

What are you foody obsessions at the moment?

Have you ever tried the Yarden Houmous?


  1. That hummus looks lovely. I usually make my own but it's never as smooth as the shop bought stuff so I'll keep my eye out for this!

  2. Becky - it's utterly divine! Honestly, I get so addicted to it!


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