Sunday, 3 April 2011

Pre-Workout Snacky Happiness

Hello lovelies! Today I thought I'd share some of my all time favourite pre workout snacks! Ideally, these should be munch on around an hour before exercising, but I generally find that I can munch most of them up to 30 minutes before starting my workout. Apologies for all the shamlessly stolen from Google images... my camera batteries are currently dead from being used in the Wii remotes for some epic gaming yesterday :D

Dates with a little Whole Earth Peanut Butter (or any other natural peanut butter) spread on them - packed with protein, carbs and goodness. Dates also have great iron content so are fab for us ladies who are slightly anaemic to munch on :)

A medium bowl of greek yoghurt and agave syrup - in my opinion, this is soooo much nicer than greek yoghurt with honey. The agave is much mellower and has a lower gi than honey. It's also vegan (and obviously, if you're vegan you'll swap the greek yoghurt for some soya yoghurt)

A humble banana. Not too big mind you, and not too ripe (or too underripe) - a little banana can be an excellent pre work out snack packed full of body fuelling carby-goodness :)

A small handful of dried mango. I have to limit myself with this as it's so easy to eat a whole bag of it. It's like gummy sweets but healthy!! Yum Yum! Excellent energy boost and packed with vitamins too!

A handful of nuts - my favourites are cashews so they're the most likely to be in our kitchen but you can go for whatever you like. 

Finally and most importantly......

A lovely big glass of water, squash or diluted fruit juice. This is especially important if you're exercising first thing! You must replenish your body's fluid supplies after a good nights sleep! Even if you aren't exercising first thing, it's still a great idea to drink before you go (although not too close to leaving the house as if you're anything like me you'll be desperate for a wee about 30 seconds after leaving the house!).

What are your favourite pre-workout snacks?

(Also, bonus points for whoever gets the Mario reference in this post's title)


  1. Dates and peanut butter sounds so yummy! I usually have a Nakd bar or half a 9 Bar for my pre-workout snack. x

  2. I'm addicted to brazil nuts at the moment!

  3. Ive recently re-discovered bananas and i love them =]


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