Monday, 18 April 2011

St Tropez SPF 20 Medium Protection for Body with Tan Enhancer Review

Hello Lovelies! Isn't it beautifully sunny?! I'm absolutely loving the British weather at the moment and I've been more than happy to drag my shorts, skirts and summery dresses out of their winter hibernation!

Sadly though, sunshine also means something else - sun tan lotion. I am a firm hater of sun tan lotion. Most of the proper lotions smell funny and leave me sticky and the dry sprays make me look weirdly shiny and smell just... odd. I know that it's super important to wear it, and I tend to grin and bare it but it's never a very enjoyable experience.

However, I thought I'd give St Tropez the benefit of the doubt when they offered to send me the SPF 20 Medium Protection for Body with Tan Enhancer from their new Sun Tan Lotion range and I haven't been disappointed - in fact, I think I'm in love!

For a start, how gorgeous is that packaging? A beautiful matte gold squeezey tube which means you're in control of how much product you get out and doesn't leave you frantically whacking the bottom of a half empty bottle on your sunlounger to get out the last of the product from a hard plastic bottle. Lovely

But what about the lotion itself? It's beautiful. It has a wonderful, summery, slightly floral scent and is nice and light but still very moisturising. It sinks into the skin easily and leaves no sticky residue or white streaks behind (always a good thing). This is the medium protection (which is about right for me as I have Olive undertones and don't really burn) but they also have SPF 30 for those of you who are a bit fairer.

But the really clever thing that St Tropexz have done with their SPF Protection creams is the inclusion of Melanobroze, a special ingredient which gently stimulates the body's own melanin production and helps to enhance your tan. A definitely bonus for those of us who love to get a tan and maybe avoid the sun tan lotion in fear of not tanning (which is a silly thing to do - saving yourself from skin cancer is far more important than having a lovely tan!). I have to say, I think I've tanned a lot quicker than I normally would - ever my super pasty Husband (who I've been slathering in this as part of my super precise scientific experiment) seems to have a bit more colour than normal. St Tropez, I think you've got a winner on your hands!

I'll definitely be repurchasing this when my bottle runs out - I think I've found my Sun Tan Lotion Holy Grail!

£20.00 from St Tropez

*Disclaimer* I was sent this product as a PR sample

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