Friday, 29 April 2011

Lush Street Party Ballistic Review

Hello Lovelies! Today I'll be bringing you a review of something very exciting indeed - the Street Party ballistic by Lush!

This is a limited edition reissue of an old favourite of mine, and it's utterly divine. It's got a gorgeous cognac, orange and lime scent - to me it's like a cross between Big Blue and Christmas Party/Bob Soap. It's the sort of scent that I associate with Lush from when I first shopped with them (about 13 years ago) - fresh but wonderfully complex.

When you first look at it, you'd be forgiven for mistaking it for a slightly boring off white ballistic with black vanilla seeds in. That couldn't be much further from the truth - this ballistic is pack with gold, red and blue glitter, little pink confetti hearts, streamers and a little Union Jack flag or two. Amazing!

£2.95 from Lush for a limited time only!


  1. wish I got to come to your wedding, looks and sounds fabulous xxx

  2. Agh your wedding looks like such fun! If I ever get married (which is very unlikely) I will steal your ideas :P I want puppets!
    The street party ballistic sounds such fun, I love glittery baths.

  3. You've give me some great ideas for my wedding photos in September!!!!

  4. Funny Little Frog - ahhh it was amazing! We had the most fun day :D

    Lillian - hehe it really was! You're more than welcome to steal the ideas. The puppet bit was awesome as it was Pete's dad who did it (he also married us). Street Party is a wonderful ballistic - you have to try it before it disappears!

    Skin Scrubs - haha ahhh I'm glad! We were blessed with the 2 most wonderful wedding photographers ever - every single picture we have captures the day perfectly!


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