Tuesday, 23 February 2010

5 things I'd never use again

So I did a post on my current everyday essentials, which means I guess it's time for those products that I've heard all the hype about, tried them out but have no intention of buying again. Obviously, you might completely disagree with me and that's fine! These are just my opinions. In no particular order:

1. Isle of Eden Products
These are literally all the rage on the Lush forum and there are a fair few people selling them little sample pots on there, so after Christmas I decided to treat myself to some. I think I went for 5 scrubs and 5 bath frostings all in various scents. I have to say, I really don't see what all the fuss is about. The bath frostings are ok.... they all smell really synthetic to me though and I don't find them to be that moisturising. I mean, they're probably more moisturising than just a normal cheap bar of soap, but they're definately not worth the $15.95 per tub in my opinion. Again with the scrubs ... these are meant to be double whipped and apparently "give you the softest skin possible". Really? I found them to be fairly similar to sugar scrubs. If you want a really moisturising body scrub, Origins do an amazing one in their Ginger range. I don't exactly hate Isle of Eden products, I guess I just don't see what all the fuss is about.

2.Collection 2000 Eyeshadows.
I'm gonna do some editing to my haul post at some point. Waste of time, waste of money. These look gorgeously pigmented in the pots. I even did swatches on my hand and a few of them didn't seem too bad. But try to apply these to your eyelids and you'll be left wanting more. Their brightly coloured palette eyeshadows come out weak, pale and nondescript. The gorgeous plummy colour I told you about? It's like a light color wash. I've tried layering. I've tried primer. I'm giving up.

3. Boots Expert Eye Make Up Remover Lotion
I mentioned this briefly in a previous post, but felt it deserved recognition in this little post. This is truely horrible. I sometimes wish I hadn't thrown it away so that I could do a comparison post to show you just how horrible it is. Firstly, I didn't really remove any of my make up. Secondly, and this is the worst bit, it left my eyelids really greasy. The feeling really freaked me out everytime I used it and it made the cotton wool feel almost plasticy. I had to use a tonne of cleanser and toner just to get this off. Urgh. Awful.

4. Clinique 3 Step Programme
Ok, so I'd possibly give this one a try one more time, because I truly want to love it. I've heard a gazillion amazing things about this, and yet all it does to me is wrecks my skin. I'm left red, blotchy, itchy, flaky, sore and super sensitive whenever I try to use this. I've bought this system twice, from two different counters. I've made sure that we've done the whole skin care consultation. But it really does just seem to hate me. Sigh

5. Faith in Nature Shampoo and Condition in Jojoba
I think I've mentioned this before. Again, I've heard amazing things about this range and went for this one because it was a)aimed at dry hair and b)meant to be nourishing. Faith in Nature products are natural and bunny friendly, but sadly, they're not Emily friendly. My scalp is still recovering! I have a fairly sensitive scalp after getting sunburn when I was about 10 (seriously, wear a sunhat people!) and this just wrecked it. It was so intensly itchy that I was actually in pain. Didn't make my hair look great either. Again, I thin this might just be me, as the husband uses it and loves it! It makes his hair look nice to :)

Have you got any products that you think aren't worth their weight in gold? What's been your biggest beauty disappointment recently?

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  1. Once Got2B had an aerosol shampoo and conditioner set and they both came out the can as foam. Worst invention ever. My hair stayed knotted and felt like straw. It's since been discontinued thankfully :)


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