Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Amie Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask Review

My skin profile:
My skin is primarily dry, flaky and sensitive, with a bit of oiliness on my t-zone but not really anything to write home about. I have fairly big pores on the bottom half of my nose and on my cheeks. My skin is naturally a bit dull and grey with redness across my cheeks and nose. It has a tendency to go mental at the slightest thing product wise.

The blurb:
Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask is a wonderfully refreshing deep-cleansing treatment that draws out deep-seated dirt and impurities while soaking up excess oil. It is excellent for cleansing and helping prevent blemishes. The harmonising natural active fruit and botanical ingredients in Spring Clean work with your skin, not against it.
The key ingredients:
French white clay - absorbs dirt/toxins/impurities and gets rid of excess oil (not sure if it's important that it's French, or if that's just to make it sound a little more sophisticated)
Zinc Oxide - Antibacterial/helps to clear and prevent blemishes
Lime Butter - soothes, softens, tones and helps shrink pores
Organic Peppermint - refreshes, cools, soothes

Initial Impression:
Very cute packaging. This range is aimed at "young skin" - not sure if I count as young, but never mind. Lovely delicate green colour and very fresh smelling. Have to admit, there was something a little off putting about the smell for some reason (I think it smelt a little antiseptic to me on first smell), but having had it on my face, I'd say it's a pleasant fresh and zingy scent.

Easy to apply, needed 2 biggish pea sized blobs to do my whole face. Smooths on nicely, not left with any uncovered patches, unlike some masks I've used recently (yes I'm looking at you BB Seaweed).

The mask itself:
I'm going to be honest, I was expecting full blown stinging agony. I had visions of trying to find anything nice to say beyond "It smells good". I'm generally a bit unsure about clay based cleansers and things aimed at removing excess oil. Stinging and burning have been common themes for me with these sort of masks *coughOriginsClearImprovementcough*. The mask does tingle slightly whilst it's on, but I think that its definitely more on the side of cooling tingle than stinging. As it dries, it felt a little tight, but again not really uncomfortable.

The result:
So after 10 minutes on and a quick wash off with warm water, what did I think? Wow. I'm really shocked by how much I like this product! My skin looks brighter, feels really, really soft (like, softer than it does with any of my normal "moisturising" creamy masks) and just feels generally clean! It's still got that slight tingle going on, but it's quite nice actually. The oilier bits of my nose seem a little less oily too. It's not made much difference to my pore size, and the blocked pores on the end of my nose aren't much different either, but I never see how any mask is going to sort that sort of thing out. I'm genuinely impressed!

Price: £4.95
Availiable from: According to the Press Release, Boots and next.co.uk, although I just looked on next.co.uk and they don't seem to stock this particular Amie product at the moment.
♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5

Would I buy it again: Definitely. It's rare that I find a face mask that actually works with my skin, so this is a keeper.

*This product was sent to me for review purposes by a PR company. However, I promise a 100% genuine review, no thoughts barred* <---- Also, I was genuinely shocked that my little blog got asked to review something by a PR company.

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