Thursday, 11 February 2010

Restarting the journey

So many moons ago, I used to love make up. I'd get creative and really enjoy the whole process. I loved bold bright colours adorning my lids and creative patterns making their way across my temples. I worked at Lush and I was very much a free spirit. Fast-forward five years and you find me having a mini identity crisis, brought on in part by not being able to afford my own clothes for years and therefore wearing hand-me-down for which I was grateful but which didn't really fit my style. There were other contributing factors as well - leaving Lush to work at Starbucks (no more nose piercing for me), a teaching degree (hello boring make up) and, many moons ago, a boyfriend who hated make up (or anything vaguely feminine and pretty).

Come forward a little more, and you find me here. I have slowly been rediscovering my love of fun and pretty things, and I'm fortunate enough to have a husband who loves to see me experimenting with make up and who positively encourages me to start changing my wardrobe back into something that reflects who I actually am. I've been spending some time looking around the interwebs at beautiful youtube tutorials (Pixiwoo, Oxford Jasmine and Sirvinya are beautiful and very inspiring), I've been reading some more beauty orientated blogs and I've been buying beautiful make-up once again (I've recently discovered Fyrinnae and Urban Decay and I'm getting far too excited about a variety of other brands too). The culmination of all this is that I've felt prompted to keep a blog - partially so that I have an outlet other than my Husband to tell of my exciting discoveries. Technically, this is my secondary blog. My blog about life and other brain aching type things is here). Enough rambling, on with something real!

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