Saturday, 13 February 2010

Friday Haul

I've been off work sick for the last few days (which is one of the things that saw me finally starting a beauty blog), so when I went into town, I was swatching my way through Boots and Superdrug like a woman posessed! Anyway, in the end I was reasonably restrained (read as "I was too scared to buy all the pretty lipsticks I saw because I'm convinced I never look good in lip colour") and ended up with this tiny haul from Superdrug:
Left to right: Revlon Contour/Shader Brush, Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in 004 Black Brown, Sleek Palette in Storm and Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make-up Remover.

Shader Brush:
I've been eyeing this up for a few weeks as I've never had a brush like this before - just the fairly bog standard flat ones. So far, I'm not quite sure what I think about it - it's been shedding a fair bit and the brush itself seems really big (I have quite a small distance from crease to brow and this basically seems to fill it!). However, I also know that I probably just need to practice a bit more so I'm not going to discount it just yet!

Eyebrow Pencil:
As you'll have noticed, I have hideous eyebrows. I have spent my entire life hating them. My right eyebrow hair doesn't grow across like normal people's ... it grows up. Like Patrick Moore's. Only sparser. I'd look like a silly mare if I got rid of them all together (Polish/Spanish blood in me = strong brow looks best), so I invested in this nifty little pencil. The thing that sold it to me? It has an eyebrow brush as part of the lid. Genius! I am loving this! Used in in my most recent FOTD (see below) and I think it makes a fair bit of difference. I'm probably a bit crap at applying it but hey ho!

Sleek Storm Palette:
I've watch a gazillion youtube videos and read an abundance of blogs about Sleek so I took the plunge and went for the Storm. I was going to go for sunset, but I a)chickened out and b)wanted to add a few more neutrals to my collection (I have a rainbow of colours on their way from Fyrinnae and I'm planning on getting the Alice in Wonderland Book of Shadows when it comes out). Still need to play with this but so far I love it :) [ETA: Even the lighter colours seem well pigmented and the FOTD I did using mainly this palette (see below) lasted out all day/night until bed at midnight! Very impressed.]



Amie Eye make-up Remover:
Yum! Something none greasy, nice to bunnies (I know, I know, I'm a bad lady for buying Rimmel Eyebrow Pencils) and in pretty packaging. Oh, and it works!! I got this to replace my quite honestly horrendous Boots Expert Sensitive Gentle Eye Make Up Remover Lotion which a)didn't remove my eye make up and b)required an excessive amount of cleansing to get rid of the oil slick it left behind. This, however, works like a dream ,so thank you to Get Lippie and Oxford Jasmine for their reviews of this as they convinced me to give eye makeup remover another chance :)


  1. thanks for sharing this!
    ive seen the new sleek makeup range, but have always been wary about trying new brands. But this is a really good review! i love neutral colours, and at this price tag, dont think i can resist anymore lol!

  2. PeachPoison - Oh I'm glad it was helpful :) Definitely check it out if you're a neaturals lover - its got a love mix of shimmer and matt shades, and a couple of darker colours for lovely smokey eye look (like in my previous FOTD) xxx Also thank you for the follow - it's very kind!


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