Sunday, 28 February 2010

Burt's Bees Reviews

So I've been using the things in my Citrus Shower Set this week and feel I've got to know them well enough to review them.

Citrus and Ginger Root Shower Gel
In the bottle this smells gorgeous, however in the shower it all goes wrong. In the shower, it smells identical to our bathroom cleaner. At first, I thought maybe it was because I'd been cleaning and had the smell on my hands,but actually, that's just the way it smells :( It also doesn't lather at all as it contains no Sodium Laurel/Laureth Sulfate -I've used shower gels like this before so I didn't mind,but it means you can't really use a shower puff and end up using quite a lot of product.
♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5
Would I buy it again? Probably not...I got this free and I'm really glad. I would have been quite disappointed if I'd spent money on this.

Orange Essence Facial Cleanser:
I had reservations about this from the outset as I know my skin generally doesn't like cleansers which need to be washed off, however this is 100% natural I thought I'd give it a go.My skin doesn't like this much at all. Iyt left my skin feeling really dry and flakey and didn't really do much to brighten it. I used my normal cleanser on it after (as its quite soothing)and my normal toner and they both removed quite a bit of dirt so I don't even think it cleansed that well. Might work better on a oilier/combination skin I suppose.
♥ ♥ out of 5
Would I buy this again?:No.

Thoroughly Therapeutic Honey and Orange Wax Body Lotion:
I tried to love this, I really did... I just couldn't. The smell is nice I guess.... it's not too sweet which is a frequent complaint of mine when things have honey in. It's left my a bit softer as well.So what do I hate??2 things... 1)Worst bit of packaging design ever- you need to squeeze the bottle to get it out but the bottle is made of very thick unaqueezable plastic*sigh* 2)I've never been left so sticky after putting on moisturiser.Not tacky or greasy feeling but genuinely sticky ... like I'd just rubbed in honey. Freaked me out and takes ages (over an hour) for the stickiness to go away.
♥ out of 5

Honey Lipbalm:
This is ok I guess ....makes my lips softer etc. Not massively keen on the taste and don't think it does as good a job as my Dr Organic Pomegranate Lip Balm.Not awful but nothing to write home about.
♥ ♥ ♥ out of 5
Would I buy it again?Maybe, but it wouldn't be my first choice.

Overall, I've been really disappointed with this set which is a shame as I've always loved the sound of Burt's Bees products and love that they're bunny friendly and pretty natural.I know that lots of people love them, and I'd definitely be willing to give other stuff a try,but sadly my experience with this set has been more thana little disappointing.

Have you tried Burt's Bees products?What do you think?

*Disclaimer* I was sent these free as a gift with a magazine subscription. My reviews purely reflect the way the products react with my own skin.


  1. Hi Emily - i stumbled across your blog and was surprised because we used to work together in Lush ages ago! I really like Burt's Bees, so wanted to comment here - it sounds like those products were genuinely disappointing which is a shame. I really like their peppermint lipbalm which comes in a little tin, and their soap bark and chamomile facewash is lovely - it has a lovely zingy smell when wet, and makes my face feel clean and soft, and i have very sensitive skin at times but it seems to work very well for me, so i recommend. I also have their carrot moisturiser - it's very thick, and the smell isn't amazing, i was hoping it would smell like carrot cake, but it's more like a health drink, carrots in a blender, not the best! It takes a minute or so to sink in, but the results are very nice - it's made my skin much softer and hasn't given me any blemishes or irritated patches, and the carrot juice smell doesn't stick - was also worried it would feel greasy as it's so thick, but once the moisturiser sinks in it's lovely, not greasy at all. Hope this helps if you decide to try any Burt's Bees in future!

  2. Hi! Did we? In Derby or York? How exciting *tries to work out who you are* See I've tried to carrot moisturiser before when I was staying at a friends house and I loved that so I think I just expected more of the same! My skin is a funny bunny though so I expect nothing but trouble from it :D The peppermint lipbalm sounds lovely too! May well give that one a try :)

  3. In York, I'm Rachel - although it was ages ago, i only recognised you from your photos so i wouldn't expect you to remember me loads haha!

  4. Hi Emily, I've just tried the cleanser - obviously couldn't wait till bedtime to try a new product for the first time! I wasn't wearing any make-up, so can't comment on how good it is for removing that.
    However - my skin is a little bit oily and I think it has reacted better than yours (oddly, since the packaging suggests it is good for dry skin). I've got that slightly tingly/tight-but-in-a-good-way feeling to my skin, so it feels pretty clean and not dried out. I'll give it a few days and see how it gets on!
    On the body lotion - still not convinced by the scent, but it felt quite nice on my hands. I'll let you know what I think when I've used it properly - having said that, I totally agree with your comment on the bottle. I'm not sure I'll have strong enough hands to squeeze out enough to use!! xx


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