Thursday, 25 February 2010

Look what else came today!

My lovely Alice in Wonderland Urban Decay Book of Shadows!!!!!!! These pictures are awful as they were taken in our spare bedroom at night with my shoddy webcam, but I just wanted to share the excitement with you all! Also, Debenhams included a sample pot of Bare Minerals foundation in Medium Beige, a mini Kabuki brush (it's so cute) and a voucher for a Bare Minerals Make-Under. I've been wanting to try some mineral foundation, so I'll be giving this a go and letting you know how I get on.

Anyway, on to the terrible pictures :D
(This picture does the colours no justice...)


(See how cute the mini kabuki brush is!)
I've already swatched them all, and my current favourites are Alice, Oraculum, Queen and Curiouser.... saying that though I think I love them all (I'm even finding myself  liking Midnight Tea Party, but I'm sure that will pass when it comes anywhere near my eyes).

Also, I know that there's a lot of people who aren't bothered about this palette as it's just colours renamed in pretty packaging but a)I don't have most of these colours anyway and b)I've loved Alice in Wonderland for as long as I can remember. I know the original Disney film word for word. (I'm a nightmare to watch it with ... I can't help but say them all).

Have you got your Alice palette yet? If not, do you intend to order one?


  1. I wasn't at all swayed by the photos online, but having seen it for myself, I'm very tempted. Beautiful colours, and that lovely highly pigmented pearly finish that the UD BoSII has.

  2. Ladywhisp - I agree, the colours in real life are really beautiful. Ii've watch a squillion youtube reviews etc but still did a little gasp when I opened it up because they're so pretty! I'd definitely recommend getting it - not too many dupes of Vol 2 BOS, some gorgeous colours and if you decide you hate it, they're already going for up to £80 on ebay D:

  3. I got the sample of Bare Minerals with my Alice Palette as well. It's waaaay too dark for me but the brush is adorable!

    I hadn't purchased any of UD's BOS before either, although I do have the Show Pony Shadow box that already has painkiller and flash (which I love so I don't mind doubling up).

    My first attempt was with Midnight Tea Party and I got glitter EVERYWHERE. Seriously, I was a mess. I used curiouser today with slightly better results although my boyfriend still laughed at my sparkly nose. Tomorrow I'm going to stick to the ones without glitter!

  4. Kat - I think the colour is alright on me but then again I don't really know .... I can never really tell if I've got it on or not! I have the BOS2 and there's only 3 dupes (mushroom which I love, MCBRA which I hate and Half Baked which I find really useful as a good mid-toned brown)... I wonder if there's maybe more dupes with the BOS1?

    I'm yet to discover the best way to use Midnight cowboy and their other glittery ones.... might try them over pixie epoxy and see what happens there :D


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