Thursday, 25 February 2010

Everyone loves good customer service!

Let me tell you a story. Are we sitting comfortably? Great, I'll begin.

Once upon a time there was a young woman, let's call her Emily, and she and her husband had decided to take a mini break with some friends. Away they trotted, bags packed, full of eager excitement! They arrived at their destenation to find a grand and glorious Georgian vicarage which was on par with a National Trust property. They unpacked their bags and got ready to get into their beds. The room was cold, and they hadn't the energy to light the wood fire. As Emily unpacked her bag, she experienced a great feeling of tragedy. It was all wet! How could this be? And so the hunt for the culprit began ....

To cut a long story short, I went through my bag and discovered that the brand new bottle of Amie Bright Eyes Very Gentle Eye Make Up Remover that I'd bought and reviewed before I went away (as in bought on the Friday, taken away on the Sunday.. it had been in my possession for around 48 hours) and leaked everywhere. I had about a quarter of a bottle left :( Was it because I was clumsy and didn't put the lid on properly? No, I checked every lid before I packed it. Had it exploded due to heavy bags on to of it? Nope, my bag was with me all the time. The issue was its lid.

The lid was one of the split sorts - press one side down and the other pops up and has a hole for the product to come out. Only this had no locking mechanism and required very little pressure to make it move :(

Anyway, my mother brought me up to believe that one person complaining can make life better for a lot of other people in the long run, and not wanting you all to end up with soggy PJs when you go on your holidays, I did just that. The lady who responded to my email was SO lovely. Incredibly sweet and very sincere. Amie have in fact changed the lid of this product to the more standard flip-top lid with a little hole for squeezing out product. Win! It's much nicer. They also went me a little sachet of the Spring Clean mask (get the feeling that might be one of their new products that they're trying to get out there) which I decided to give to my very lovely PA.

Anyway, I believe that good customer service should always be shared. Have you experienced any good customer service recently? What's the best you've ever received?

P.S. I'll update with pictures when I get a new XD card this weekend :D

*Disclaimer* This product wasn't sent to me by PR to review, but by customer services as a replacement for something I bought with my hard earned cash which was faulty.


  1. That's nice! :D

    I had so good customer service last week. I noticed a super-lovely hat in local shop but the black one was sold out. I contacted the manufacturer (it's local brand) and told, that the model was so nice and I hope they will sell the same model next winter too. They answered me rightaway and the best part: they MADE one for me and sent it with invoice to me! I think it was just incredible.

  2. Wow!! That is incredible :D I think it's so lovely when a company goes that little extra mile for you! It can brighten up a whole day!

  3. Amie have WONDERFUL customer service, I mentioned that this product stung when I used it, and they reformulated it, just for me! It's a great product, and they're a good company.

  4. Get Lippie - that's awesome! It's so good when companies go that extra mile for you! But to have something reformulated just for you is incredible!


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