Wednesday, 17 February 2010

I'm back!!

Hello lovelies, I'm back :)

Me and The Husband have had an amazing little holiday and I'm feeling very refreshed indeed. We stayed with our friend at her parent's house which is massive... think National Trust property and you're pretty much there. We were given the entire top floor to ourselves, which included (amongst other things) our gorgeous bedroom complete with log fire and view out into the countryside and a room next door with a beautiful antique grand piano. Lush! Anyway, we spent lots of time just relaxing, walking the dogs through muddy fields and shopping in the charity shops of very affluent towns (which basically equals some amazing bargains!).

I didn't take much with me make up wise, as I tend to not wear too much make up when I'm away, but here are a couple of looks that I did with my Sleek Storm palette.....

Scratch that ... there will be no pictures of my holiday make up or of my holiday full stop :( I put my XD card into my laptop to get the pictures and nothing happened, then put the card back into my camera and we have a full blown scrambled XD card :( It won't reformat and all the pictures are gone :( Gutted.

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