Friday, 11 February 2011

ELF Tinted Moisturiser Sneak Peak

Hello again my lovelies!

Just thought I'd share this little exciting picture that just popped up in my inbox - ELF are releasing a Tinted Moisturiser some point soon!

I don't know much else about it but I'm definitely looking forward to a reasonably priced tinted moisturiser for the summer - my current favourite is an Aveda one that costs a small fortune so I'll be excited to see how this compares :)

What do you think ladies? Will you be trying this when it comes out?


  1. Oooh! This is great! I have the tinted moisturiser from their normal even cheaper range and it's pretty good! If they have a colour that works for me I'm sure I'll love it :)

  2. I've watched reviews on this from US youtubers and most of them said that it never fully blends in and that it looks cakey :/


  3. I hope that it's nice and those US Youtubers are wrong! Might give it a go, don't know yet though.


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