Wednesday, 23 February 2011

It's official!

I'm now officially a Freelance Bridal Make Up Artist for Michael Andrew Hair Salon in York! It's been a very surreal couple of days but I said yes :) My first wedding is in a couple of weeks and I'm absolutely terrified. I'm also dramatically aware of the fact that the foundation side of my kit is really rather lacking so on that note....

Does anyone happen to be selling Yaby/Graftobian/Krolan foundation palettes in a blogsale at the moment?! :P

(Also just in case you're wondering, yes I'll still be working as a Teaching Assistant AND applying for a place on the Primary GTP in Hull :D)


  1. congratulations babe!!!

    u wanna use a non spf-foundation, doesn't photograph well!

    try the mufe hd foundation, it looks stunning on brides!!

    and make sure u do trials with the bride :)

    also practice applying liner to someone else's eye ;) i found that the most difficult part lol


  2. Wheeey! Congrats :D Sign up for the industry discount on and you'll get 20% off Yaby :)

  3. Congrrrats!
    Good Luck for your first wedding,

  4. Jus found your blog and think it's fab!! Congratulations on the job- it sounds really exciting! =)

  5. Woo congratulations! Where is the salon, I go to York a lot as my boyfriend lives near :)

  6. Congrats, such an amazing job to get into! Good luck with the wedding, hope it all goes well :) xx

  7. Congraulations!!
    I hairdress and do bridal hair, it's such fun and lovely to see the finished result.


  8. well done! i'm so please for you :) xx

  9. @Everybody - thank you all for your lovely comments and advice :D xx

  10. Congratulations! I bet you'll be great :)


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