Thursday, 10 February 2011

New Video - Favourite Workouts

Hello lovelies - Just popped up a little video sharing some of of favourite workout DVDs and fitness bloggers/youtubers - enjoy!

Also, I'd love it if you could tell me your current favourite workout dvds and recommend me some awesome blogs and youtube channels to follow :) xx


  1. Any Ministry of Sound Workout DVDs - I struggle to even make it through the warm up! And Pilates for Dummies! Great Dvd!

  2. Helloooo Emily! :)
    I thoroughly recommend the Davina work-out DVDs.
    I think they're perfect as there are various workouts for you to mix and match according to your preference.
    So if you're feeling extra confident you can do cardio and boxing (GREAT for fat burning) and then a bit less of the toning... or vice versa.
    The most effective ones are Davina Fit and her latest, Body Buff.
    Maybe people are put off by the fact they're by Davina McCall but really all they do is feature her. Her 2 personal trainers (who are both lovveeelllyyy) are the main people behind the DVDs and offer an easier level for beginners.
    I think it's a great idea to have lots of DVDs and mix and match as much as you can. Muscles can get bored of the same exercises again and again. By mixing and matching your DVDs you're working ALL your muscles and is guaranteed to help you lose weight in time for the summer!
    Good luck, loving your blog x


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