Sunday, 6 February 2011


Hello my lovelies!

I just saw this post over on Becky's blog and it reminded me of my favourite snack that I've not had for a little while...

[Chocolate soya milk]

[Apple Pie Nakd Bar]

The reasons I love this snack is that it's absolutely jam packed with protein and good things! It was a frequent post-run pick me up when I was training for a 10k last year and I found that it reduced any post-run fatigue and that my muscles never seemed to ache the next day either.

If you haven't tried Nakd bars, I'd definitely recommend them - they're completely raw (i.e. not cooked at all) and wheat free as well (they also do some which are completely gluten free!) They're packed full of good things like nuts and fruit as well so you can satisfy your sugar craving without loading yourself with processed naughtyness!

I get my Nakd bars from Holland and Barrett (and my chocolate soya milk!) but you can get them from the Nakd website as well

What's your favourite snack?


  1. Not had choccy soya milk for so long! I always seem to be on the unsweetened. This must be rectified!

    I always think bananas make the ultimate snack, totally adore them! x

  2. I love Nakd bars. The Coco Loco one tastes like such a treat! x

  3. Chocolate soy milk is sooo nice, it tastes a bit like biscuits in drink form haha :)


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