Monday, 7 February 2011

Monday Musings VII

Hello lovelies - is anyone else slightly terrified by how quickly February is already whizzing by? I know that I am! Anyway, it's apparently already time for another Monday Musing - enjoy!

 Roundup A bit of a quiet week to start with as we weren't really in a lot at all...
On Monday, I brought you my Monday Musings funnily enough!
Then it all went quiet until Saturday where I treated you to yet another Inspirational Interview, this time with the gorgeous Lily from Beauty's Bad Habit. I also did another video review, this time on some Miners Cosmetics bits that I was recently sent.
Sunday was also a double whammy of posts - I posted my first ever blog sale (there's still plenty left so do take a look!) and I brought you yet another video, this time giving you a nosey peek around my makeup storage

I also got round to posting on my crafty/foody blog this week, so do feel free to trundle over there and have a look at some of my favourite things and I also shared my favourite snack
♥ Eye Eye
I've seen quite a lot of people again over the last week - I've had a few meetings (including one with the vicar of my church - more on that later) and we also went out for a meal with friends and then went for Sunday lunch at a friend's house which has been lovely! I feel like 2011 has been a really sociable year so far and I'm quite enjoying that! Last year I was very tired and stressed and quite down at times so I found it difficult to socialise properly but this year we seem to have seen tonnes of people already!

I've also seen quite a bit of Lego Batman as it's the game that Peter and I have been enjoying playing together recently - I love the fact that Peter and I share so many geeky interests, and playing silly video games together is one of our favourite things to do. I don't really think things that are uber violent or uber difficult though so we tend to stick to the Lego series :)

♥ Whirring Cogs
I've spent a lot of time (yup, youve guessed it) thinking about my GTP application - I've basically convinced myself that I've not got on, but I'm also aware of how utterly obscene that is! The deadline was just over a week ago, so I just need to chill out and accept that it'll probably be another week or so before I hear :)

I've also been thinking quite a bit about my friend Maarten who I work with - he was off work for a couple of weeks because his Grandmother died and a few other things happened and yeah - I've been worried about him, so it was great to see him back at work today and to be able to have a good catch up :)

The other thing that's taken up quite a bit of my time is the decision to leave the church that Peter and I joined around a year ago. I won't go into vast amounts of detail, but it's been a very painful experience and a very difficult decision to make, but ultimately it was right :) I'm now just attending Peter's dad's church on a Sunday evening and I feel like a huge weight has been lifted from me and I'm me again!

♥ Hidden Treasures
This week I think you should check out...
RachhFit which is the new health and fitness channel from the lovely Rachhloves and her friend. I really do love the exercise videos that Rachel has posted on her original channel, and as she'll be running this with her friend who's a trained personal trainer, I'm really excited about what this might turn into!
A Little Obsessed is a blog that I end up reading almost every day - I love Sabrina's writing style and her photography :)
Giddy Princess a super sweet lady I was lucky enough to meet at the Aussie event I went to and a lovely blog with tonnes of reviews and videos.

♥ The Path...
This week, I'm challenging myself to stop being lazy and get back on the exercise wagon.

♥ Respect Yourself
As I'm writing this, I'm listening to Rachhfit's video on Eating Disorders - I definitely suggest that you go watch it, even if you don't struggle with eating disorders yourself. I'm not going to talk about it today, but I have struggled a lot with disordered eating in my life and it's something that I'm slowly but surely overcoming. For now though, I just suggest that you go watch her video and I would love it if you could complete her challenge, which is this: After you've read this post, I'd like you to post a comment with 10 things that you truly love about yourself - don't be shy! I want to know them :) Go on, do it now before you forget! Here's mine:

1. I love my eyes - they're the most awesome shade of green and have little flecks of amber in them!
2. I love the fact that I can connect so well with kids who have difficult home lives and that I work in a job that allows me to have a positive impact on their lives.
3. Ditto for kids with autism.
4. I love that I'm a naturally inquisitive person....
5. .... and also a brutally honest one at times.
6. I love my silly obsessions with receiving letters, the Netherlands and vampire fiction.
7. I love the fact that I set high standards for myself
8. I love that I make my meat eater friends vegetarian food and that they always enjoy it
9. I love how utterly ridiculous I am when it's just me and Peter
10. I love that I've made it this far and that I still manage to enjoy my life, despite some of the rubbishness that it's thrown at me :)

I hope you're having a happy Monday and that you've enjoyed the past week - please do share your things you love post with me and let me know any little bits and bobs that are happening for you over the next week or so :)

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