Monday, 21 February 2011

Monday's Food Musings

Hello my lovelies. A little change from the norm today as I'm scrapping my normal Monday Musings and instead I thought I'd bring you my little musings on food and a cheeky little recipe!

Today I really have felt like there's been a new start. I've felt much more in control of what I'm eating (in a good way) and much less crazy about food in general. Now I know this is only the start, but it felt like a good start. I've decided that my general eating plan is going to look something like this:

Breakfast: Homemade smoothie, Overnight Oats or Homemade delicious cereal (keep your eyes peeled over the next couple of days for some of my favourite breakfast recipes)

Mid-Morning Snack: The mid-morning and mid-afternoon snack times are my big danger zones when I'm likely to grab a random bag of chips or eat 3 cakes or something stupid. Hence I'm going to make sure that I take snacks with me - homemade date and nut bars, Nak'd bars, organic/vegan yoghurts, fruit - I want to keep it fun and mix it up but keep it healthy!

Lunch: Currently I'm stuck in a hummus and crackers rut. I love hummus and crackers but I want to throw in crudites, avocado and spinach salads, jacket potatoes with big sides of delicious salads, homemade soup, wheat-free pasta salads and I'm also going to make sure there's a little treat at the end of lunch too. A little bit of homemade brownie, a few squares of good quality chocolate, fruit and homemade chocolate dip - yummy things :)

Afternoon snack: Again, when I finish work I tend to be famished hence I need to plan in little snacks here too. Quite often I find I crave something salty when I finish work (I often get tired if I don't have enough salt) so I'm planning on chowing down on corn cakes with peanut butter, a little handful of wheat free pretzels, yummy Hale and Hearty Casava crisps, Nairns oatbake crispy thing, baby sweetcorn and a little tub of nut butter.

Dinner: I just need to man up with dinner - I used to love cooking but this winter I've fallen into the trap of not making the effort. In an attempt to rectify this, I'm planning on blogging a few more recipes and also making sure that our cupboards are properly stocked! I'm going to try to avoid dessert in the evenings for the most part but will still have yummy desserts every now and again.

What I probably should point out is that I'm not attempting to lose or gain any weight really (although I'm imagining that I'm going to lose a few pounds as I've been trapped in a binging cycle recently) - this is about me re-connecting with a healthy attitude to food, which is the other reason why I'm not making this a regimented diet plan :)

My question for you today is - What do you eat in an average day?


  1. My average day eats always include a smoothie/protein shake on my workout days and lots of fruit through out the day. I always snack on brazil nuts too, super nutritious :)

  2. Becky - See I've never been a big fruit eater... it's something I need to get a heck of a lot better at!

  3. Sounds like a really healthy plan.
    I always start my day with cereal or porrige with soy milk and fruit. I have lunch out - either in a coffee shop or from M&S and for dinner have something home cooked but without the carb element and lots of veg/salad instead.
    I try not to snack between meals as I find it makes me hungrier but if I get really starving before a meal I KNOW I'll end up overeating and feeling guilty - it's so hard to find the balance between eating too much and not eating enough. x

  4. sounds great! I tend to have something with eggs or porridge for breakfast, a sandwhich for dinner, and then all sorts for tea! Im trying to cut down on carbs a bit, as I've realised it makes up about 60% of my diet! xx

  5. I'm on a strict diet at the moment so my average day is generally this:
    No breakfast (I don't really wake up early enough!)
    mid morning snack/Lunch/afternoon snack: Various fruit (generally an apple, some tinned peaches in juice, a pear or something), a couple of teaspoons of peanut butter, sometimes a piece of cheese or something.
    Dinnere: I always cook from scratch, vegetarian bolognese, tomato pasta, rice and quorn etc. Here seeing as it's my only proper meal I use some butter and regular carby high GI pasta and stuff because if I used stuff better for me I would go mad!


Your comments and thoughts are really appreciated :) Thank you for taking the time to chat xx